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These Indoor Plants Will Take Your Spring Game to Another Level

Not all interior design is cold, soulless furniture. Or stuff to get online. Indoor plants are the ultimate key to enriching your space, shape its personality, and make you feel relaxed and close to nature (without being too close to nature).

Remember our spring decor tips? Now we want to focus on our inner gardener vibes. Indoor plants not only help us reduce stress and boost our productivity, but they also bring life to our indoor spaces. And if you don’t know where to start, we have you covered.

Let’s take a look!

Pothos, Indoor Plants 101

Indoor plants

Fool-proof, always reliable pothos. These plants had to be our number one because of how easy it is to take care of them. The most popular way to keep pothos is to grow them on jars or vases of water. Place them on high shelves away from direct sunlight and let them hang.

Any kind of soil is also an option, but they won’t look as good, will they?

Join the Peaceful Prayer Plant

Prayer plant

Marantas, also known as prayer plants, are beautiful moodsetters. Their patterned leaves do something really cool at night: they fold up as if they were joining hands in prayer (hence the name!). During the day, they spread out and usually require considerable moisture in the environment and regular watering.

They might be a bit more challenging to maintain, but as long as they are warm and moist (putting them close to other plants is a good idea), you’ll have a unique display of calmness and beauty.

Sleep Tight With a Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Even more capricious than the prayer plant, the peace lily requires serious love. A good balance of water and indirect sunlight. A constant check to see if they respond well to your house.

However, they pay you back. Peace lilies are excellent air filters, removing toxic compounds like ammonia or benzene from your surroundings. Also, they produce huge amounts of oxygen at night, so place them in your room and sleep tight and pure.

The Ultimate Flower Showdown

indoor flowers

Violets, hydrangeas, and hibiscus are all great options to renew your home’s spirit. All of them bring violet and pink accents to balance the color of your walls. You can’t go wrong!

What did you think of our selection? If for some reason you haven’t gotten into the indoor garden mindset yet, consider it. Hey, even low-maintenance friends like cacti have proven to give amazing results to your health and mental well-being.